Video voicemail with G.722 and H.264 not working

I am trying to configure video voicemail for my FreePBX 5.211.65 server. I have video support enabled, and am using the G711, G722, and H.264 codecs. All other codecs are disabled.

When I leave a message, Asterisk writes a .wav, .txt, and .h264 file in the user’s mailbox. However when I call the server to play back the message, the message just skips and I see this error in the logs:

[2014-07-23 10:23:33] WARNING[5516][C-00000023]: file.c:1017 ast_streamfile: Unable to open /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/1000/INBOX/msg0000 (format (g722|h264)): No such file or directory

[2014-07-23 10:23:38] WARNING[5516][C-00000023]: channel.c:940 ast_best_codec: Don't know any of (h264) formats

Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? Thank you for your help.