Video interoperability

Perhaps silly question:
Is it possible to have an IP phone and a PC video softphone with same (PJSIP) and use them both , IP phone for audio and softphone for video , in order to make a video call ?

Maybe with video conferencing (on different extensions though)?

If this is related to doorphone - I’ve used other setup: mplayer on the PC connecting to camera with RTSP directly. Mplayer itself was started/stopped by BLF event from softphone and softphone was subscribing to dialog-info state of doorphone.
For some cameras I’ve tested lately mpv worked better though (and better than vlc) - sometimes there were problems with video quality, sometimes problems related to RTSP authorization.

No, it isn’t related to doorphone.
I would know if during a usual ip phone call , one can use a PC app for video in order to replace an eventual video ip phone.

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