Video fails through ring group

Placing calls between video endpoints works, but when the call involves a ring group, then it becomes audio-only.

231 -> 207 = audio+video
231 -> RG 6901 -> 207 = audio

I have a sip log of the call here.

Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings, did you enable video support?

Yes, video has been working for many years. Just not through ring groups.

Which version of Asterisk are you using?

16.2, if I recall.

Might be that video isn’t stable yet in 16. Try switching to 15.

You might also want to take this to the Asterisk community.

We were using 15 until yesterday.
I’m quite sure the problem is FreePBX because the issue is 100% in the FreePBX Ringgroups, which are not supported by the Asterisk community.

Like I said, video works fine. I can call from 231 to 207 and get video. Same endpoints using a ringgroup fails.

How about passing a Queue?

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