Video Conference

Hey guys, I need a recommendation for a good, encrypted way of doing video conferences on an asterisk box, if there is such a thing. I have a client who is building trailers with self aligning satellite internet connections in them for disaster situations. We are looking at putting asterisk boxes in them to provide phone service, possibly with Aastra’s SIP DECT system. We are also looking at one for a psychiatrist who needs video conferencing which would need to be encrypted and able to go full screen. I have used some free softphone video conference setups, but they won’t go full screen and I don’t believe they are encrypted, nor is there an easy way for people not on the system to tie into that. Anyone with some ideas, please chime in. I need to provide some sort of solution rather soon.

I wonder if it would be easier for you to VPN between client locations & the PBX using OpenVPN?

We’ve done that with el-cheapo routers like the WRT54g & the Tomato firmware. Brilliant stuff!

There appears to not really be an open source solution that will fill our needs. I am going with Polycom’s PVX software for a low end solution. I can use it with either with or without a VPN. And then looking at a Polycom hardware solution for higher end functionality.