VIDEO calls in Asterisk (extension behing NAT)

why Asterisk is sending a video
to contact IP
c=IN IP4
if IP address if NAT mode is set to. “force_rport,comedia”
and audio is sending correctly

Because comedia is only implemented for audio streams. I’m fairly sure that Joshua has stated this recently. (force_rport is irrelevant, here.

In any case, even if implemented, comedia requires incoming traffic on the stream to be able to learn the remote address, and your trace shows now incoming traffic on the video stream. Comedia learns both IP and port, as both can be mangled by NAT. As such it can’t assume the same IP as the voice stream, not that there is any absolute guarantee about the IP, either.

Also note that those modes only apply to the, obsolete, chan_sip driver, although I think the same restriction applies to chan_pjsip.

thanks for explanation

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