Video call through ring group

Hello all,
I have a system with some sip phones, a video door phone and also two grandstream videophones. When making a simple call, I have video, but when connecting via a ring group, there is no video.
How can I solve this?
Thanks in advance.

You can’t. Asterisk is not an MCU.

I actually rethought that comment since the media is still point to point it doesn’t involve MCU functionality.

You say that if the camera dials the user it works perfectly?

That doesn’t make sense because ring groups use the same Dial command

Well, an MCU is not what I need. Asterisk relays the audio to the phone that is picking up. Why doesn’t it relay the video?
Maybe I expect too much, but I assumed that enabling video would make this possible to. I am sure that it is technically possible, but I am just a thankfull user, not a skillfull programmer.
So maybe I should put my problem in another way : is it possible to have a sip-video-doorphone ringing in on asterisk and have video when answering the call from a sip-video-phone?

Thanks for reconsidering.
I have, beside some non-video sip phones, two grandstream gxv3140 videophones and one video-doorphone (alpha-tech).
Any one-to-one connection between these video phones renders video. Dialing a (mixed) ring group doesn’t. When I set up a ring group with only these two grandstream videophones, a call from the doorphone to this ring group renders video. With a mixed ring group, no video.

Now that makes sense, so the call takes the lowest device capability. I would think that is an Asterisk limitation.

Then you might be able to “lie” about the non-video endpoints capabilities :slight_smile:

How would I do that in Freepbx?

I have never tried it but add whatever of the following that is appropriate to your video stream


to the extensions that are in the ring group.

It doesn’t work. In the logs there is a line : “can’t allow unknown codec”. It seems this is only for audio.
It was a clever idea, though.

Hi folks,
I have to report that freepbx has no problems at all with video call through a ring group. After experimenting, trial and error with the settings of the Grandstream videophones, I got it up and running seamlessly without any changing to the settings in freepbx. So, my problem was related to the phones, not to freepbx.
Kind greetings,

What was the solution or setting changes in the phone setup?

Well, blush, blush, I don’t remember. At some point I noticed that one videophone had video, then I systematically copied the settings to the other videophone and that made it work.
I will eventually try to revert and report, but that is no sure way to solve your problem…

If you are using a GXV3140, i can send you all the settings by mail…?