Video and Nat

Asterisk 11.2, FreePBX Distro 2.11

I have the FreePBX on the internet with a public IP and my two x-lite softphones behind a NAT firewall.

Audio works perfectly, but I cannot get video to come up at all.

If I use my two softphones within the same network as an internal FreePBX server, the video works perfectly.

Are there additional settings for having SIP video traverse NAT as well as SIP audio does?

I tried with canreinvite=no, yes, and nonat with no help.

Asterisk’s NAT=force_rport,comedia (or NAT=YES) doesnt apparently help video endpoints.

So, instead, I used ICE/TURN/STUN from the video phones and the video now works.

Using Grandstream and Polycom VVX phones as well as Zoiper Communicator for Windows (Beta) and Bria for Windows and Bria for Android.

hi @petersonz can you please share you SIP conf