Very useful help for online repository issues

If you are having problem in accessing online repository for getting modules in your FreePBX, go to

all you need is here
download the module to your pc and in module admin upload the module from your computer and continue your work.

This problem has been faced by many, so use this link and get the modules.

Even if this link gets down, email me at [email protected]
i have all the necessary modules with me
I will email those to you.


Please roar1989, just because you can’t access the online repository from your server does not mean that the rest of the world can’t.

If you have a problem with your server I suggest that you check that out first.

You perhaps have a proxy server on your network?

Your browser is configured to use that proxy, therefore you can download from your browser but if you try from the server it will fail.

I am a student and have encountered plenty of other students on the web who have the same issue,
there is no server problem with server
i can ping everything
and dates etc everything
its only the online modules that are not accessible
not only by me but from alot other people as well.

i even changed the ip in resolv.conf file, maybe you are write
u know much more than us

but for those who are unable to solve this error, and they are unable to continue their work
this link provides all the modules
it was meant only for those having trouble with proxy servers.

I am very well aware of that, but the fact remains. If you are behind a proxy and have a setting in your browser to allow you to surf you wont notice it.

However, as there are no setting on the server for the proxy the server itself can not surf (as that is what it does when it goes to

You can easily test this by ssh to your server and type wget and it should save index.html. If the server can’t do this then there is a network problem or it is behind a proxy.

You “solution” is nothing that you should update every post on this site (as you have done). If you feel like helping out, then I suggest that you come up with a solution on how to configure proxy access on the server so it really can “surf” and thereby getting to Online repository.

point is simple enough, i dont know how to configure proxy server to “surf”, the least i knew was the way i have made things work out for me. So anybody else who cannot configure their proxy servers too like me, i just mentioned a way of how to keep things running without doing this.
I thought it might be of help, simple enough…
Its my third week since i started working on Asterisk, and i think getting started is the toughest thing to do.

this post was for newbies like me who have that issue and cant resolve it, i mean if you cant configure proxy server than its an alternative. SIMPLE
I am really amazed at your response Mr.Mikael

Please roar1989, just because you can’t access the online repository from your server does not mean that the rest of the world can’t.

well its for those poor souls like me in the world that are unable to access the repository.

Best Regards

I won’t go into a posting war with you, I just pointed out that it was not necessary to post a reply to a lot of (old) threads and that there was something wrong with your network.

Your “solution” might just work for you, but it is a manual work and you need to constantly watch the 2.7 repository to see if there is an update.

Have you tested my suggestion about the wget? If you are using Internet Explorer then do this:

Open Internet Explorer

Click on Tools

Click on Internet Options

Click on Connections

Click on the LAN Settings button

If you have anything entered here you have a proxy. That information needs to be entered into your Linux server. Once that is setup you can access the online repository.