Very Strange Behavior - fPBX

I have an Elastix V1.0-17 build server running, and everything appears to working correctly.

The issue is in the FreePBX System Status page. Initially, all phones, trunks, etc appear correct. All server status indicators are green. The second a call comes in on my ZAP channel (only have 1), when the call is hung up, immediately the status page shows only 1 phone registered, no trunks at all registered (trunks does not even appear), and the Asterisk status goes red with Error. However, I can still make calls over my sip trunks, or receive calls on the ZAP channel. The page only comes good when I use the Asterisk CLI and restart the server.

I checked the logs and the only thing i see there is a DBDel error, but don’t think that is the issue. Anyone seen anything like this before?

Btw, the 1.0-17 is an upgrade from 1.0-15 but the same error occurs in both.