Very Slow Updating BLF

I am getting a very odd problem I have not seen on any other installation. I have an Aastra 57i with a 560m Sidecar attached. I have 15 BLFs programmed into the sidecar and when calls come in they light right up, but when someone answers the call the BLFs do not clear quickly. They start dropping out one by one and can take between 30 - 120 seconds for all of them to finally clear. Otherwise everything is working fine! Anyone know what gives? Is there a setting I should check or change?

FreePBX 2.5 on Asterisk 1.4 (PBX in a Flash)
Aastra phones
5) 57i phone
15) 53i phone

  1. 57iCT phone
  2. 560M sidecar
  3. IP Camera