Very slow reload on extension submit


One of my systems has recently developed a very slow reload when I click submit on building a new PJSIP extension. It now takes almost 5 minutes for the page to reload after clicking submit. I have not noticed anything else acting slow. Only on building extensions. The system is normal otherwise.

This system is running FreePBX
It is a VM with 2 CPU cores and 8GB RAM (Load average: 0.33 0.25 0.20 / 1.5GB RAM usage)
I have 447 extensions built currently but only about 40 are actually registered yet.
The system is about 1.5 years old.
All FreePBX modules are up to date.
I rebooted the system this morning and the problem persists.

I am out of ideas to look at for this so any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Nobody? I feel like this is a problem with the FreePBX gui but I dont know how to troubleshoot it. Anyone have any suggestions for logs to check if this is the case?

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