Very Slow GUI, the FreePBX web interface is really slow

I just make an install of Trixbox 2.6 everything went normal

but the GUI from FREEPBX is going very slow,

when i try to make the digital receptionist it takes forever to appear on the screen and sometimes i have to do it more than once

I try to get the PDF from the CDRs and is taking 30 minutes to load… what can be wrong?

I have been seen that at the ASterisk CLI the admin is going on and off all the time that im traying to do the IVR or access the IVR MENu

And the other thing is that the packages are not showing… I already put the user and password for the website… and it takes forever to load

Please Help…


I had similar symptoms last week on a box which had just suffered power failure. It turned out that /var/log/asterisk/full had been corrupted. I noticed this when I typed tail /var/log/asterisk/full, and I got an I/O error.

My cure was to rename the broken /var/log/asterisk/full file and reboot. It cam up fine after that.

This may or may not be your problem, but the symptoms are similar to my problem.