Very simple internal only phone system - pointers please

Hello all,

I have no background in VOIP, and wonder if you can give me some pointers where best to start…

I am installing freePBX for a non-profit who need half a dozen internal phones, without any external connectivity, and all services served from a single box. Phones are POTS attached via SPA2102 adapters, so hopefully all very simple.

All of the hardware is attached to the network and has been assigned IP addresses. All units can be accessed via their respective web interfaces. I have run out of things I can do to configure the network, so it’s time to start system configurations.

One thing that I keep bumping into is the need(?) to configure a trunk, which puzzles me since there is no connectivity to the internet from this box - or maybe that is the name of an internal resource that I haven’t got my head around yet…

I was hoping for a simple, single document that might cover all required topics, but am currently faced with multiple nested WIKIs and no idea what sections to ignore.

Any pointer appreciated.

With thanks,