Very quick question: which conf file or files has the language=uk for voice prompts

I’m reinstalling Asterisk and I’ve copied different language files in a subdirectory under /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/, my Google results tell me to set language=uk under [general] (where uk is whatever the subdirectory is called), but I can’t figure out if I have to set it in multipul places, is it just sip_custom.conf (which is completely blank), if external callers call in and get voicemail or something will they get the /uk/ sounds?

I want the voice language changed for everything posable, do I have to set the language= in multipul places, e.g. to set for every channel, or extention or whatever, for incomming calls when people dial in externally, with internal calls, feature codes, everything to make sure it only ever uses the American prompts when it has to (because there’s no replacement file in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/uk/ for that particular file).


I did add the line in sip_custom.conf but it still hear the american voice.

In /var/lib/asterisk/sounds, your English voices must be in the directory uk, like /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/uk for this to work.

After you added the line in sip_custom.conf did you restart asterisk or reloaded sip (sip reload)?

They are in /uk/ and I hadden’t tried reloading but now I have done sip reload and restart asterisk and it’s still not working. Is there anywhere else I need to change it? Is my sip_custom.conf correct? Do I need to change somethnig in my extentions or trunks too or something? When I call my mailbox I’m not hearing the files I put in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/uk/, it’s the default ones from /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/


externip={removed from paste}

Okay I found out that if I set langauage code in each extention in FreePBX to uk then when I call something like voicemail form that extention I get the UK sounds.

BUT I don’t think this will make external callers calling in who get say the voicemail, busy messages, errors, or whatever hear the UK sounds, they’ll probably still hear the US ones because I only changed it on the extentions. How do I ensure everything posable all over the PBX is set to use the sounds in the /uk/ directory? Where else do I need to change it?

Have you set it in the General Settings? That is the location that will set the default language for the whole setup. Look under international settings.

I tried that first but it didn’t work so i figure that doesn’t actually affect the voice prompts. Anyway I gave up in the end and deleted the American voices and put the UK ones in their place.