Very NEWBIE! No passwords to work with

Hi, I’m very new to telecom. I’m a pc guy who is helping a family member. His telecom guy left his business and never gave any user names and passwords.

I’m not really sure what I can tell you except for the following and I HOPE that someone will get back to me with some help - by maybe asking me the right questions.

We have approximately 10 VoIP phones made by Polycom. The PBX I believe is running on a Linux version called Cent OS 6.2 Final. If I go to a browser for the PBX Admin (192.168.0.xx) I see a page that says on the top of the tab “Free PBX Distro”. On that page I see four possible links to PBX Admin, User Control Panel (ARI), Operator Panel and Get Official FreePBX Support. We have no idea what user names and passwords are here.

Then if I go to the server and reboot it - during boot I hit the space bar or any keys and it stops and tells me it’s using CNU Grup v. 0.97 and CentOS (2.6.32-279.11.1.e16.x86_64). It also has two advertisements on the bottom for Fre PBX Distro and Schmooze.

So finally my question then becomes - is there any way to reset passwords without losing any current configurations? Then could someone give me exact steps for doing that?

Here are a few issues that we (the business) needs to fix:

  • since dialing out a few days ago “911” they have been unable to make outgoing calls
  • the time/date on all phones are incorrect
  • whenever they call out (in the past) from these phones the number on the receivers end always shows up as “UNKNOWN”

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you,
Joe Can Help

Do you know the root password of the server? You say you have seen it boot so you have access to the console. So if you do can you login there as the root user with a password? If you can it makes things a whole lot easier. By the way, it’s probably GNU Grub not CNU Grup.

Lee, yes, I found something that walked me through resetting the root password. I’m pretty sure I can log in but after that I’m basically lost.

And yes it is GNU Grub. I was typing quickly trying to get all this info in ASAP and mistyped.

Thank you,

forum that shows you how to reset the various system passwords