After much procrastination, I blew away my Asterisk box, that had been upgrade about 14 times, and was getting flakey, and installed trixbox 1.2.3 and freepbx 2.2.0b3 and the nerdvittles package of extras.

I have already noticed that trixbox has broken - the “update script throws a bunch of errors…”>

It’s time to live dangerously again, and go back to to pick up the “source kits” or near to, rather than waiting for the trixbox folks (who have a higher track record for breaking my system, than anything else).

Comparing to the asterisk web site, I can see that I have a different versionof asterisk (an asterisk -cvvvvr will tell me my version). Question is, how to I determine my operational version of the other major core modules. (zaptel, libpri, asterisk-addons, asterisk-sounds?)