Version Upgrade

I have never upgraded the version of FreePBX so wanted to get some advice. I am currently running 6.12.65-30 and have two options to upgrade to in the GUI (-31 and -32). Looking into the versions, it appears 6.12.65-32 went EOL in 2015 and the newest version would be 6.12.65-100.

  • Do I need to first upgrade to -32, then will be presented with the -100 version?
  • Is the upgrade via the GUI a basic and quick operation?
  • Is it even worth upgrading?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @mnewdigate:

You can apply the final two updates in the 6.12 branch in the GUI easily, it will update all FreePBX modules to current and get a few system updates.

Once at ver. -32, you will need to manually download the -100 script and run it at the bash prompt. It will will do a major upgrade of the OS and modules, taking you from 6.12 to 10.13. This script takes quite a while to complete.

It’s up to you. Upgrading comes with a non-zero chance that your system will break in the process, a risk that is mitigated by ensuring you have a solid backup prior to upgrading. If you want to see what things are like now without upgrading in place, you can safely migrate your existing settings to new install using this script:

maybe you can look at this page.
I hope to help you.

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