Version 5.211.64-1?

So I built a fresh install with FreePBX distro over the past weekend (12/7/13), and found that our new Digium A8B card required DAHDI 2.8. I realized it was in beta, but I was up against a deadline - so I downloaded the 5.211.64-1 ISO, installed it, and everything seems to be running fine.

Now I see that there’s stable version 5.211.65. I’ve got SysAdmin Pro, and several other modules. Is there any difference other than the version number in the release name? I know it says .64 - which means CentOS version 6.4, but the ISO installed CentOS version 6.5 (final).

Is there any way to update the core system without having to format and start again? If there isn’t, can I at least backup my settings?

Sorry, I’m pretty new to all this. Thanks for any assistance.

And I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum… sorry :frowning: