Version 13. User Control Panel display is incorrect

When logging in, we see this:

Funky UCP interface

What is going on with that? Is something not installed?

Your client machine is blocking fonts.

I don’t think that is it. Getting multiple complaints, and tried various browsers.

Looking at Firefox, I see gfx.downloadable_fonts.enabled is set to TRUE which should allow web fonts.

Ok then. Your formatting issue is because the font is not working correctly on your machine.

On multiple machines, on multiple browsers?

But apparently only for you !!

Try and remember anything you might have done “out of the ordinary” with your
apache2/httpd server. (you never said how you installed FreePBX )

It is FreePBX distro. Nothing special done to it.

Maybe try over, surely someone else would have noticed your problem if endemic . . .

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