Verify Phone Firmware Version

Is their anyway to verify the actual phone firmware version that a phone is using? I ask because I just used the EPM with the latest 1.08 firmware to update four Polycom VVX310’s and two of the four simply wouldn’t take the update no matter what method I used or how many times I tried. They would reboot but never do the update. I eventually had to physically reset 1 of them to factory default then delete the extension on the server and set it up from scratch and that finally worked. If I push the firmware update remotely to the client phones I won’t really know if they actually updated of not

Accessing the web interface of the phone should show you all the details.

Thanks @VoIPTek I should have clarified better… I do know we can get there from the GUI, that’s how I was checking the phones I was testing, but doing that for 38 more phones especially remotely isn’t ideal. I was wondering if their was a system management method to do so at a server level. If its even possible I would put a feature request in but not sure its feasible.

In one line:-

 for ext in `rasterisk -x 'sip show peers'|grep -E "^[0-9]"|grep OK|cut -d "/" -f1`;do rasterisk -x "sip show peer $ext";done|grep -E "Useragent|Name "

That makes sense, and yes that would be a big time waste.
I see dicko posted something, I’m gonna try that for future purposes.

Hi Dicko,

I tried the code line and received errors:
for ext in rasterisk -x ‘sip show peers’|grep -E “^[0-9]”|grep OK|cut -d “/” -f1;do rasterisk -x “sip show peer $ext”;done|grep -E "Useragent|Name "
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `|’

I started stripping down the command, but it won’t do anything to the right of the do. Syntax looks right.
I also tested the code separately and did get the firmware response, so it’s looking promising.

rasterisk -x “sip show peer 101” |grep -E "Useragent|Name "
Useragent : Cisco/SPA525G2-7.5.6

Aparently the board code removes my backticks (probably a good idea :slight_smile: )


for ext in $(rasterisk -x ‘sip show peers’|grep -E “^[0-9]”|grep OK|cut -d “/” -f1);do rasterisk -x “sip show peer $ext”;done|grep -E “Useragent|Username”

all one line