VEGA60 Saga continues

(David Johnson) #1

So I am trying to migrate must customers from a freepbx14 to a freepbx system. When I tried to add my Vega60 to the new pbx there isnt any listed under “sangoma”??? I am instead prompted for D&P or S phones. Where does the Vega go? To date I have been very unhappy with the Vega Series. Why have VEGA60 in EPM if you cant actually configure it that way???

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Vega config works as it always has under the S Series. I have a ticket open to include Vega as part of that label.

(David Johnson) #3

Thanks. FYI, I checked out the vega product on, no mention of “S-Series” there either. Very disappointed in the Vega60 in general, the lack of support via EPM is makes this device harder to setup and impossible to manage remotely (i.e. requires local access to the device)… Quite the opposite of all other sangoma products.

Additionally, I know fax is a step child, but support for faxing via ATA in FreePBX is poor. I have constant battle trying to get Fax to be reliable. I cant believe in the last 10 years there hasn’t been a better product produced anywhere. There are still many legal reason (aka HIPPA or financial compliance) to require a fax machine.

(Chris Dolese) #4

Vega is located in under the S series

it can use the same option 66 string as the phones and configures itself using this method

if the device is under support please open a support ticket if you’re having issues

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