Vega 60G Inbound caller id not working

I have configured a VEGA 60G (FXO Only) (Firmware: VEGAARM_R120S010) via Quick Config for use in UK as a Registered PJSIP Trunk with FreePBX version

I also changed the SIP Profile “From Header ‘userinfo’” to Calling Party, so it would display the incoming caller id.

Under the POTS Profile, Quick Config set the Caller ID Type to bt (BT provides my POTS line) and caller ID Wait to 6000.

I can make and receive calls fine.

However, when I receive an incoming call, I sometimes get the caller’s number, sometimes part of it, sometimes a corrupted version and sometimes (more often) “ANONYMOUS”. I have looked in the VEGA 60G logs and they show the incomplete or missing caller id. What FreePBX gets appears to be what is sent from the VEGA 60G.

I have tried both Granstream and Linksys, which both get the correct caller id all the time.

Any idea what I can try on the VEGA to correct this issue?

Many thanks


I have just had the Vega 60G tested and the hardware has come back as okay. The repair centre believe this is a bug in the firmware in the device and point to an issue with earlier firmware: (

I would have imagined this should have been resolved by now - but it isnt clear from the change logs whether it has been. Is anyone else having trouble with UK callerID?