Vega 60G abandoned calls

Hi All,

I’m having a issue where if a caller abandons the call before answered the line will continuously call until answered, resulting in dial tone.

I have tone detection enabled that partly works, however the lines will ring for a good 5-6 seconds after the call has been abandoned, before being dropped.

Call flow is:
UK BT Copper > Vega 60 > Freepbx > Queue > Users

Does anyone have a solution for this?


If Queue No Answer is set (caller hears ringback until agent picks up), then the Vega must wait for the ring timeout, typically 5 seconds, so it knows that another ring is not coming. Tone detection is not relevant in this case.

Otherwise (caller hears queue announcement until agent picks up), then depending on your analog line, it may be able to detect loop current disconnect or polarity reversal, in addition to disconnect tone.

What is the Vega connected to (copper pairs from central office, cable MTA, fiber ONT)? Who is the carrier?

Thanks for the reply.

Queue No Answer is set to no.

Vega is connected to copper pairs, carrier bt.

Try setting
How is that set now?

Does BT reverse polarity on incoming calls? If so, try

Current settings, I will test loop_current_detect=200 and let you know.

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