Vega 60 BRI as extension

Hi There
I have a Vega 60 gateway (2xBRI) which I am using as extensions from a freepbx and feeding the BRI ports into a Panasonic keysystem. I have the gateway registered as extension 494 on the freepbx.
I am getting up to 4 calls in each direction with full audio – all fine.
I need to be able to pass the dialled DDI to the Panasonic as well (we have 10 DDI’s and only 4 bri channels), to allow the Panasonic to distribute calls accordingly – can you give me some instructions of how I can achieve this.
I do realise that i can set the Vega up as a trunk on the freepbx but for reasons that are too long to discuss, i would prefer not to do this.
Thank you.

You should provide at least an outline of your constraint(s); otherwise a workaround might look too much like a trunk and run afoul of them.

What behavior is required on outbound calls? If none (caller ID can be constant, or this path is incoming only), then you could set up an extension for each DDI (no registration, configured for the static IP address and port of the Vega). Inbound Routes would send each DDI to the corresponding extension. The Vega would see the extension number in the SIP URI and with luck would pass that as the called number to the BRI; the Panasonic would then route the call accordingly.

Hi Stewart
Thanks for your prompt reply. The main reason i wish to use an extension is that it is going in a branch office and by using a pjsip extension i do not have to get involved with port forwarding on the router, it just works.
outbound calls - a single (main number) caller ID would suffice.
I am somewhat a VOIP novice but i did not think i could setup the vega 60 to register to 10 extensions.

I believe that setting up a pjsip trunk as ‘Registration Receive’ will work for you. There are some gotchas if you want to set outbound caller ID dynamically, but @avayax has some good workarounds; see No incoming calls . If you have trouble, a chan_sip trunk should be very straightforward (and what the OP ended up doing in the above thread).

For the multi-extension approach, I agree that the Vega can’t do multiple registrations – I was hoping that you could configure everything staticly (on same LAN, with a VPN, etc.) but in your case that is probably not the best solution.

Hi Stewart and anybody else that may need this,
I have sorted it - maybe not the best method but it works - you can setup multiple registrations. So my DDI group i have been issued is (for example) 01234662650 to 01234662659. On the freepbx i have setup 10 incoming routes, one for each, i have also setup 10 extensions 2650 to 2659 and told each incoming route to go to the relevant extension. I have setup 10 registrations on the Vega Gateway (one for each extension) and then modified the dial plan in the To_BRI (for both BRI-01 & 02)as follows:
Source IF:99…,TEL:<265.>,TEL:<(.*)> Destination(BRI_01) IF:1994,TEL:0123466<1>,TEL:<2>
and Destination for BRI_02 IF:1994,TEL:0123466<1>,TEL:<2>
This works a treat passing the full DDI to the Panasonic which then disributes it according to it’s own DDI table. I do realise i could have shortened the DDI to 4 digits but it is easier to use the full DDI so when i look back in the future it is more transparent.
Thanks for your input which caused me to look at multiple registrations.

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