Vega 50 to Control Door Access


A few months ago, we converted a church from an analog PBX to FreePBX. All of that is working nicely, and they love it. But we have a couple of pieces to tie-in and I’d like to verify the plan here.

  1. Door Intercom: This is an analog connection.
  2. Door Jam switch: Old system used phone to push a button and the door would open
  3. Elevator Phone: Hit a button in the elevator, and could make a call

I am thinking that I can take a Vega 50 FXS unit, and make this work:
– One port to the intercom
– Second port to the door jam
– Third port to the elevator

After reading what I found, I believe:

  • Each device will be assigned an extension
  • The Intercom would ring a Ring Group to selected parties
  • The Elevator would ring a Ring Group to selected parties
  • When the phone system calls the Door Jam, the system unlocks

My Questions:

  1. Am I correct in my planning of this installation?
  2. IF this is not the proper use of the Vega 50, what would be a better solution?



  1. From what I can see, yeah, you’re on the right track.
  2. If the Vega implements “immediate” mode, you should be in good shape. If you wanted to go with DAHDI and a 4-port FXS card (Sangoma, Digium, and Synway are all ones I’ve used and liked), your user interface may be a little easier for setting it up.

As long as your door jam “phone” can do the phone unlocking, you should be in relatively good shape.

Hello Dave,

Thank you for the reply.

For the church, we put in an appliance 1U FreePBX server, and I don’t think we have expansion options inside that chassis, thus I looked at the Vega which connects via networking. Otherwise yes, I would consider the Digium 4 port card like we use at our main office.

We haven’t moved the main office to SIPSTATION yet… the server is almost done, and then I would have a card available to give to the church. Would have to swap out a couple modules though.