Vega 50 and BLF / SIP SUBSCRIBE messages no worky

I’m having an odd problem with the Vega 50.

I’m trying to use the Vega 50 as a SIP proxy (passing through and caching SIP registrations and only intervening if the connection to the PBX goes down). I’m using FreePBX 13.0.95 with Asterisk 13.5.0 as the PBX. The server and IP phones are on the same LAN with no NAT involved.

Before configuring IP phones to use the Vega as their outbound proxy, BLF keys function correctly - voicemails cause the voicemail BLF key to turn red, extensions that are in use turn red, etc.

After configuring the IP phones to use the Vega as their outbound proxy, and with no other changes to their config, BLF keys stop working. They turn dark. The phones register to the server successfully through the Vega, sending and receiving calls works fine, and the Vega shows the phones in its list of cached registrations, but BLF does not function.

So something is causing the BLF keys to stop functioning, even though everything else works. My guess is that the SIP SUBSCRIBE messages are not passing through the Vega? Does that make sense? Is there something to configure on the Vega to enable this?

Thank you in advance! Appreciate any help.

@fdickey do you have input here to assist?

Hello Spencer, can you please tell me which Firmware version you have in the Vega 50?.

I want to reproduce it in ur Lab and guide you to a resolution.


Hi Ernesto,

The firmware file under “Status” says “VEGAEURO_R088S051”. Hope that helps. Really appreciate your help.


I forgot to mention that I upgraded the firmware to the file on the website and also did a factory reset afterward, as the instructions suggested :slight_smile:

Hi Spence, Thanks for the information.

I was actually able to reproduce the case in the Lab. I am working with our team to find the source of the problem and get back to you with the solution or fix if necessary.

I will respond with results early next week in this forum for the benefit of all.

You can always also open a support ticket in our website.

Please send me your contact info to my email [email protected] to add it to our internal tracking system.


The BLF (Subscribe) issue has been fixed and will be Available in next firmware releases for Vega 50, 5000, 3000G, 100G, 200G and 400G.

Feel free to contact me if you need anything else.

Great! Thanks Ernesto. Do you know when the next firmware release will be? Thanks.


It may take a few weeks as it get’s in sync with other fixes and enhancements we release periodically. I will keep you posted.

Does anyone know when this firmware will be released? We are looking to switch to a different device if this fix is not available soon.

Latest release R88S055 has already included the fix for this issue:

Can be downloaded from here:

Details of fixes and improvements can be found here:

Let us know how it goes.