Vega 50 4 FXS?

Is there any documentation on the NAT side for this gateway. I have gotten it to register but it rings once and then voicemail… The Server is in a datacenter and the Vega 50 at a remote location.

PS – Using PJSIP and latest FreePBX and Asterisk 13.13.1

There was quite a bit of discussion about setting up Vega 50s here a couple of months ago. It seems to me one of the things that wasn’t working was the PJ-SIP Channel Driver. Try switching it to Chan-SIP and see if the problem is the same.

Well I got outgoing to work but when calling it goes to voicemail. Is there any documentation for it for inbound on the to_fxs profile?

****Update *******

Got it to work.

In the Dial Plan Section of the Vega for the to_FXS Profile you must add the extension number…
for Example:

Default: IF:99…,TEL:(0101)

The TEL:(xxxx) must be replaced with the Extension Number.

Hope this helps. I will be creating a write-up on how to configure it.