Vega 400 and UK E1 CallerID

Hi guys, can anyone give me some pointers here please?

I’m setting up a Vega 400 for a college in the UK who are using and Aastra 430 on a BT E1 connection.

I have calls coming in and out ok and inbound DDI’s and outbound CallerID is working fie. However, I’m not getting inbound CallerID. It does work on the Aastra.

Looking at the Vega log, I see this which looks like it’s not getting the callerid? Is there some setting so it processes the callerid correctly?


LOG: 02/02/2017 16:21:22.212 ISDN (I)R01C01 incoming
call ref=[f1010336] srce= [0]

LOG: 02/02/2017 16:21:22.225 ROUTER (I)R0bC00 FINDROUTE profile:20(To_SIP) plan:1
call ref=[f1010336] <-- ISDN [1,1] dest=TEL:284259
–> SIP [2,1] dest=TEL:284259

LOG: 02/02/2017 16:21:22.225 ROUTER (I)R0bC00 call proceeding
call ref=[f1010336]

LOG: 02/02/2017 16:21:25.830 ISDN (I)R04C01 disconnect 16
call ref=[f1010336]

LOG: 02/02/2017 16:21:25.830 ISDN (I)R04C01 send release 16
call ref=[f1010336]

LOG: 02/02/2017 16:21:25.832 SIP (I)R04C10 disconnect(disc req) 16
call ref=[f1010336]

On the first step I’m assuming that srce= [0] should be where someone has their callerid?

Has anyone got one of these running?

Many thanks,