Vega 3050 Issue

Hi All,
I have to setup 18 3050 Vega gateways im using Vega Management module in PBXact to configure them, all my extensions are PJSIP when i assign an extension to a vega port it would register after 30 min or so i look back that extension is unregistered and the error i get is failed to authenticate.
When i go to vega management module and just resubmit the config it would register and again after few min will unregister.

Any idea

Thank you

What happens if you configure the 3050 manually (this is the only way I’ve done it and it works flawlessly)

Yes i have try manually same thing, it register after few minutes all the extension will unregister.

Thank you

It’s better to disable IDS from system admin and try again.
If it works, then you can configure IDS properly.

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