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Vega-100G Fax Pro

(Jeff Wong) #1

Hi all, I have 2 unit of Vega-100G connected to my FreePBX, both of them are working fine with inbound & outbound call.

1st unit installed in Malaysia (Telekom ISDN30 package), all fine, included faxing.

2nd unit installed in Singapore (Singtel ISDN30), call ok, but cannot send/receive fax.
(Previously we use Panasonic TDA200, and connect the fax line with a copier machine)

It seem like I have to configure vega to work with “Singtel ISDN30”, but I just don’t know how to do that, please advice.

System information:

  • VEGA Firmware Version: VEGA_R111S029
  • Fax Pro 14.0.5
  • PBX Version:14.0.11
  • System Version:12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
  • PBX Localtion: Malaysia
  • Network linkup with Singapore: IPsec (Both sides pass all tcp/udp)

(Jeff Wong) #2

Hi, anyone please point me to a correct direction.

(Kevin Frost) #3

So the PRI is basically delivered over E1, correct?

(Jeff Wong) #4

Yes, it is E1.

(Kevin Frost) #5

By looking at the logs, it seems the SingTel pbx is not picking up the fax tones… When placing the fax call, does the PBX answer or keep ringing?

(Jeff Wong) #6

Hi Kevin, thank you.

Finally I managed to make the fax work.
But I really don’t know which part I did actually fix the problem since the faxing came with several issues.

  • Totally can’t fax
  • Once it can fax, but not stable (1st time fax ok and then no ok)
  • Once it become stable but cannot send more than 1 pages.
  • Once it can fax multiple pages, but sometime it missing last page.
  • Once it able fax all the pages, but it cut half on some pages.

The key issue may because of connection via IPsec VPN, I just not sure.

This is some of the changes I made so far:


(Kevin Frost) #7

Maybe play with any jitter buffers under sip settings to allocate for latency via same vpn connection? Sounds like the buffer is flushing half-way thru each page received. I’d recommend a buffer of 1.5x round trip ping value (in milliseconds) as a starting point, but only for that function alone as it can cause massive voice/video delays/fannyouchies. Back up before you make changes, and i suggest always utilize screenshotting before and after adjustments.

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