Vega-100G Fax Pro

Hi all, I have 2 unit of Vega-100G connected to my FreePBX, both of them are working fine with inbound & outbound call.

1st unit installed in Malaysia (Telekom ISDN30 package), all fine, included faxing.

2nd unit installed in Singapore (Singtel ISDN30), call ok, but cannot send/receive fax.
(Previously we use Panasonic TDA200, and connect the fax line with a copier machine)

It seem like I have to configure vega to work with “Singtel ISDN30”, but I just don’t know how to do that, please advice.

System information:

  • VEGA Firmware Version: VEGA_R111S029
  • Fax Pro 14.0.5
  • PBX Version:14.0.11
  • System Version:12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
  • PBX Localtion: Malaysia
  • Network linkup with Singapore: IPsec (Both sides pass all tcp/udp)

Hi, anyone please point me to a correct direction.

So the PRI is basically delivered over E1, correct?

Yes, it is E1.

By looking at the logs, it seems the SingTel pbx is not picking up the fax tones… When placing the fax call, does the PBX answer or keep ringing?

Hi Kevin, thank you.

Finally I managed to make the fax work.
But I really don’t know which part I did actually fix the problem since the faxing came with several issues.

  • Totally can’t fax
  • Once it can fax, but not stable (1st time fax ok and then no ok)
  • Once it become stable but cannot send more than 1 pages.
  • Once it can fax multiple pages, but sometime it missing last page.
  • Once it able fax all the pages, but it cut half on some pages.

The key issue may because of connection via IPsec VPN, I just not sure.

This is some of the changes I made so far:


Maybe play with any jitter buffers under sip settings to allocate for latency via same vpn connection? Sounds like the buffer is flushing half-way thru each page received. I’d recommend a buffer of 1.5x round trip ping value (in milliseconds) as a starting point, but only for that function alone as it can cause massive voice/video delays/fannyouchies. Back up before you make changes, and i suggest always utilize screenshotting before and after adjustments.

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