Vega 100G CallerID Issue

Hello, all.

I’m having a recent issue with the first character of the CallerID name being cut off when being passed from my Vega 100G to FreePBX.

A few weeks ago, my provider upgraded me from some old bonded T1s to a newer fiber connection. After the change, the first character in the CallerID name field was being cut off. Instead of “WIRELESS CALLER” being displayed on my phones, it would show “IRELESS CALLER”, which annoyed me to no end (irony notwithstanding).

I changed nothing on my end during the changeover so I assumed the issue was on my provider’s end. I contacted support and had them check their equipment and programming and they assured me everything was the same and sent me one of their debug logs. The debug log on my 100G seems to indicate they are correct and somewhere within the 100G it’s getting truncated, but I can’t figure out where. My dialplan from the 100G to FreePBX hasn’t changed and the rest of the CallerID info is correct.

Could someone help by pointing me in the right direction on where to look?

Thanks in advance.

Brilliant, thank you! Changing to NI fixed my issue as well.

Not sure how I missed that in my previous searches.

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Please post if your outbound works ok after this change

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