Various updates, a little bit of (my) confusion

Can anyone help me in understand various updates ??

There are modules update ( i think they are independent from distro version )
There are FreePbx official distro updates (what are they going to update ? do they update modules also ?)
I also found that “yum update” loads a lot of asterisk related updates but the distro version remain the same.
I’m a little bit confused about how/when/why to launch these updates (I’m not the one …at least…)

Next, what about to all backups done prior the updates ? are they still usable to recover an updated system ?
Are there some generic rules to observe ?

Thank you very much

  • Module updates, updates various components of FreePBX Distro
  • updates, update FreePBX, modules, Asterisk, and the other 500 or so components of the Distro.
  • Yum Updates, are not the preferred update method, use the supplied scripts to ensure that various components match and at the proper version numbers (Asterisk/Dahdi/Kernel) etc.

Stable updates for the distro versions usually happen about once or twice a month. Set an update maintenance window that you are comfortable with and keep your modules and Distro updated on a regular basis.

Subscribe to the status blogs, and community for any major updates.

Backups, are usually okay, unless you move between major tracks.

Thank you for explaining,
Sometimes I launch a yum update to align some components of other softwares running on same CentOS as FreePbx, I hope it wouldn’t break something…
Is it good to proceed to a distro update after a yum update ?
Or after latest distro update, “yum” shouldn’t find anything to update ?

I don’t recommend running other applications on your PBX, especially with virtualization being so easy these days… but if you have to just yum update specific files, as you don’t want to get the various pieces out of sync.