Variables In the GUI

In FreePBX In Misc Destinations I can put a variable in the “Dial:” field.
In FreePBX It will no longer take variables.

Was this by design?

I don’t recall any validation being added to misc dest. recently. Can you provide an example of what you’re doing, I can’t think of an application for non-digits here.

We have different level of users here. Some people program via dialplan and some use the GUI. One thing that we came up with was that dialplan users can use a misc destinations with a variable in them.

  1. This can let multiple dialplans point to the same misc destination by using a variable instead of digits.

  2. This allows our GUI users to still allow calls to go though the treatment (vs. redirecting the inbound route), but when we need to default route the transfer, they can do so, by adjusting one destination with a new number.

IT doesn’t break anything fundamentally, but one of the things we’ve enjoyed most about this project is how FreePBX can ramp people into Asterisk. People can get the fundamentals in the GUI, but go deep in the conf files. Being able to bridge the “gap” (i.e. creating hybrid dialplans) between the GUI and the conf files let us have both levels of users work together more collaboratively, rather than just hand off the tasks.

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