/var/log/asterisk/full not displaying live information

Hi all,
For some reason my /var/log/asterisk/full log is not displaying current activities. Any ideas why this would stop?

I’ve rebooted the server just in case.

From a shell , post the output of :-

rasterisk -x 'logger show channels'
rasterisk -x 'core set verbose 3'

This will show you what you got, you can also check from the GUI settings-> Asterisk logfiles settings ->log files what you asked for.

thanks Dicko. I just restored the VM to a few days back. The full log is working now. I’ll pop another query in a new thread…

Always a good idea to identify what you might have done to affect that in the last few days, if you absolutely didn’t do anything, be cautious , I have witnessed penetrations that first off disable Asterisk’s logging, which will effectively disable fail2ban.

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