V15 is including Call Recordings in Backups

v15.0.16.52 asterisk 13.32.0

Following (our) normal practise, we have a new installation with Call Recording feature that archives to an external HDD /dev/sdb1 mounted at /monitor
Everything works fine but backups from this new box, include the call records from the external drive.
This seems to be different behaviour from our other sites set up similarly but running v13 & v14. which never include these files.

In the GUI, under Backup/modules to restore, Call Recording and Recordings are unticked, but the call recordings from /monitor are still being included.

Is there something we have set incorrectly ?

Any help will be appreciated

Hi @jon_b

If you do not want to backup call recording then under Backup/modules list please do not select “Call Recording Report”. “Recordings” you mentioned above is actually system recording so your Call recordings got added in the backup.

Thankyou Sandesh, will give that a try.

Backup is down to a respectable 93 MB instead of >8 GB and increasing.

My remote FTP server thanks you !

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