V14 . Unable to log into User Control Panel

I see this has been a common issue for a while now, but with version 14, it seems the UCP was changed.

Version 13, there was an enable account in User Management, but on this new version I am not seeing that. I went on and changed the user password, and tried to log in, but all I get is:

Invalid Login Credentials

I don’t see anything on this in the documentation

Also, the “Submit & Send Email to User” does not send any email out. I think even for FreePBX 13, I never saw this function either.

What happens when you create a new user, does it work?

Same result.

I got it. While setting up Zulu requirements in Advanced settings, it enabled the ability to log in.

However, the sending out of email to the user still does not function.

Thanks for responding.

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