V14 Automatic Updates Not Occurring - Modules or System

I have multiple systems that have system and module updates sent to automatic and none of them are happening. Are there any logfiles I can check to see why the updates aren’t running?

I found a post by Lorne giving the update logs of the system. It appeared to be choking on a broken module:

[2018-Oct-02 08:49:00] [CRITICAL] (BMO/Notifications.class.php:507) - [NOTIFICATION]-[freepbx]-[modules_broken] - You have a broken module (The following modules are disabled because they are broken:

With a broken module it seems that all updates stop.



We have looked at it. At the current moment it’s not a priority. - this makes me laugh and sad at the same time

Not to start a debate here, but I’m not a fan at all of automatic updates. (besides security updates)

I don’t think having automatic updates on any server in general is a good idea…

I can understand that but if you have hundreds of systems deployed the module updates can become impossible if they are done only manually.

You can vote for this issue, maybe it’ll become a priority with more votes. :slight_smile:

This has never worked. Broken module or not.

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