V 2.10 latest update – Extensions disappearing

Was running V 2.10 on ASTERISK 1.8 / CENTOS with no problems until yesterday when I did a module update to latest versions - Now if I amend any extension and press summit the extension then disappears from the list of extensions -

If I set the extension up again all my previous setting re-appear .

Any body else have this problem ?


i have checked the issue and noticed that the “Name” field is getting erased and the extension settings reverts back to its defaults.

can you please check that?

thank you,

Daniel Friedman

Same thing for me, system fully up to date. Make any change on the extension page results in its deletion by the time you hit Apply Config. Hopefully get this one resovled quickly.

I am also having the same issue. I upgraded from 2.9 to 2.10 and everything seemed fine… but then extensions kept disappearing when I would update a field in FREEpbx. When the extension was gone, I checked sip_additional and found that the extension was still there, just not being shown to me in the web interface. When the extension disappeared, I would not be able to call that extension from any phone internally.(odd and I’m not sure it was related.) So I deleted the extension (I left sip_additional alone and deleted the extension using the freepbx web interface by clicking on another extension then modifying the url to be the missing extension and clicking delete) and recreated it with everything the same but a new password.

When I recreated the extension, I thought everything was working fine but then it disappeared again after I changed a setting in the web interface fpr that extention. This time, I noticed that there were some differences in what the freepbx interface showed for the extension settings(accessible by modifying the url as described above) and what the sip_additional showed… for example, in the freepbx web interface it showed the mailbox as [email protected] when sip_additional showed [email protected] I don’t know why they were different, but as soon as I changed sip_additional to match the web interface, the extension showed up again.

was that I upgraded the core at the same time (or right after) upgrading to 2.10.

I am having the same problem - extension appears fine if I add it in FREEPBX but then disappears if I modify it in any way after the fact.

Please update core and test for us

Updating the CORE has solved this issues. Changes can now be made in the WebGUI without the extension being subsequently deleted. Thanks.

For some reason, may have nothing to do with above, but the Outbound CID as defined in Extensions is not getting passed on to the destination. Nothing is set to override in the Outbound Route and Route CID is blank. We made no changes and this used to work before.

After the CORE update this morning, extensions all came back and no longer disappeared when changes

In the future if you find a bug open a bug ticket. We do not sit and monitor forums for bug reports. That is why we have a nice bug tracker. This probably would of been caught and fixed Friday before the weekend had their been a proper bug opened. Just trying to save people headaches in the future. Bugs can be viewed and opened at freepbx.org/trac