Using the Responsive Firewall in Hosted PBX setup

Hi there…

Been using a lot of FreePBX 12 for hosted. Moving to 13 and trying to make use of Responsive Firewall.

I have both PJSIP and CHAN_SIP remote phones that have connected, yet they show an unknown status in reports section. Is the setup below appropriate to support remote phones, or do I need to enable PJSIP at the bottom?

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None are enabled? What are you trying to achieve?

It’s in the cloud, cyberlynk. Want to register my local phones.

New to fpbx13 and the firewall. Been reading around, I enabled pjsip but still can’t keep the remote phone registered. Is there a guide for hosted?

I want to use the cloud hosted instance to host my local phones, yealink 48g with latest firmware.

I’m using cyberlink also so I’m curious what’s the best way to use the firewall module? In this case all the phones are remote and mobile devices obviously have an IP address that’s always changing. So what’s the best way to configure a trusted host for administration and remote endpoints with the freepbx firewall?

Have you read the wiki on how the Firewall works and what options you have available?

Yes and unless I missed it, there’s no guide in it on proper setup techniques for using a completely offsite cloud hosted solution when the end point devices are coming from dynamic addresses remotely. I’m trying to find advice from someone who has setup a cyber link cloud hosted VPS for example and ensure the firewall is setup. Or I wonder is that something cyber link might provide they’re the provider listed by freepbx. So perhaps ill ask cyber link directly

The Responsive Firewall option.

There is much to it. Turn it on and you shoukd be fine.