Using SPA3102 as Gateway to PSTN Line

Hi, hope you can help me.

What I have?
I have a PSTN Line and a SPA3102 (1 FXS and 1 FXO).

What I need?

Example: “Client A” wants to call through my PSTN Line. He calls my VOIP NUMBER, he enters a “Secret-Code (±12 digits)” and he has access to my PSTN Line. From there he can call Local Numbers.

I want to control the amount of minutes he can talk. And if possible control the numbers “Client A” can reach.

Is this possible?


What do you recommend?


Yes it is possible. The time limit would have to be coded in a script, it’s not a FreePBX function.

Setup the FXO port on your SPA as a trunk on your FreePBX system then program a DISA. You can use the outbound route permissions to control the extensions access ability.

Where do I read to learn how to do this?


Take a look to your right on the documentation link.

DISA or Direct Inward Station Dial is a feature of the system.