Using SIP outboundproxy?


I have FreePBX on Ubuntuy 10.04

Recently my main VoIP provided discontinued support for an IAX2 trunk. So I had to move to SIP.

I want to use an outbound SIP proxy (milkfish) running on my router. My belief (so far unfounded, it has to be said) is that this will allow me to receive incoming SIP calls on this trunk without forwarding 10000 ports on my router. Which I don’t want to do.

Problem: the only way I have found to make FreePBX actually use an outbound SIP proxy is to use the Asterisk SIP Settings module and add outboundproxy to the “Other SIP Settings” section.

This makes FreePBX/Asterisk use the configured proxy alright.
But as an unfortunate side effect, it breaks all SIP extensions - Asterisk cannot forward incoming calls to a SIP extension, or call between extensions - rings out and goes to voicemail.

Any suggestions?