Using # sign to dial

Hi all,

I’m looking to find out how to be able to use the dial pattern #5 for a paging extension. Any help would be much appreciated, I’ve tried looking into the extensions.conf file but I didn’t see any reference to the paging feature extension and I’ve been searching around with no success in the GUI either.


In modern versions of the GUI you will find the default defined in “admin” -> “Feature Codes” by default *80(ext) you could change it to #5 if you know exactly what the ramifications are.

I looked into that but I believe that is just for the intercom settings right?

You would have to setup a page group that use a misc. destination to tie your 5# code to it.

Hi Skyking,

I’m not quite following what you are saying. Could you be a little more specific for me please? I’m still quite the noobie when it comes to these type of things.


So maybe if I made my goal a little bite more clear it would help. I have this customer who was originally using a vodavi pbx system and when they wanted to make a page they would press #5 and then make their announcement. We have come in and have replaced it with a free-pbx for telephone side and a Valcom page pro for the paging part. They would really like to be able to keep #5 for paging as they are very resistant to changes and would like for us to keep it the same as possible. Hope this makes the picture a little bit more clear.


The Valcom is configured as an extension so just make a misc. destination to that extension with the #5

My comment was for paging via the station speaker.