Using: SangomaOS (backup / restore module) is there a better way [SOLVED]


Thanks for reviewing and offering suggestions.

If you have a SangomaOS PBX running (via a fresh install) from .ISO.
This install is working on a 1U half-depth appliance box.

If you have the PBX configuration done (all set)
examples: extensions, inbound/outbound routes, trunk(s), ring groups, voicemail, and the list goes on …
All things are done and set …

Then (3 month later) …
You install a 2nd 1U server (hardware is a clone to the 1U appliance box mentioned above). Also known as a “cold spare”.
This unit is kept powered down (off).

What is the best way to “clone” the 1st box OVER-TO the new 2nd 1U server (cold spare)?

Can this be done without using the backup/restore module?
Reason: this module never works out for us. It never seems to restore and just work. After a restore, the new box just does not work the same as the original does .

For this instance, we want to avoid using a virtualization OS.
No VMs or KVMs.

Maybe: we use an image program and image unit 1 and put it on unit2?

Thanks for your tips and reply.

Using the SangomaOS module: Backup/Restore.
Nice: FTP server (to) 2nd box

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