Using ring a ring group as an extension in a ring group

I am trying to have an inbound call ring extensions 301, 302, & 303 at the same time. If after 15 seconds no one picks up I then want it to hunt style ring extensions 304 & 305. If no one picks up after 30 seconds I want it to go to an IVR.

My thought was to make a ring group, 601, that will ring ext 301, 302, & 303 at the same time and a separate ring group, 602, that would ring ext 304 & 305 hunt style. Then create a 3rd ring group that the inbound call is directed to that would list ring groups 601 then 602 as extensions and use a hunt style ring strategy. However, it appears that I can’t use ring groups as extensions in other ring groups. When I do so I get sent to the destination if no answer for the inbound ring group.

Is there another way to accomplish this?

Not true. Read the tool tip for the ring group ext list, you want to suffix the numbers of non extensions with a #.

Thanks, Lorne. I don’t see in the tool tip that it mentioned the ability to do that with ring groups, but I should have tried it.

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