Using Rhino CB24-FXO and a Digium T4XXP card

I am trying to use this channelbank with the Digium T1/PRI card. When I make the changes in the setup for span 3, it locks out all of the DAHdi I/O, and my connection to the outside world stops.
I have done some troubleshooting; chan_dahdi.conf has channels 49-71 configured, but system.conf only has 49 configured. Any idea how I can change that? I know I am not supposed to change either of those files via command line editing.

chan_dahdi* must reflect what is in system.conf.

Make sure you “Apply changes” to allow files to rewrite then restart dahdi.
This should run dahdi_cfg to load system.conf then when asterisk starts the chan_dahdi stuff should jive.

I have done all that. The last time I made changes, I clicked the Reload Asterisk DAHdi module first, then clicked Apply Changes. At that point, the system worked. But on a restart of Asterisk, everything dies. This happened the first time I made these changes, but I didn’t restart then; the system died at 12:30a the next day when Asterisk automatically restarted itself.

when it is down run:

cat /proc/dahdi/*
and post the output.

I will do that, but I have to wait for a time when the phones aren’t being used. That will be after 11a CDT. And thanks very much for all your help.

I have screen shots of MC reading the files in /proc/dahdi/, which are simply labeled 1,2,3,4. They consist of a list of the 24 channels on each, and what they are currently programmed as… BTW, the /dahdi subdirectory does not exist if Asterisk isn’t running… found that out the hard way. I can tell you that span 3 has only the first channel programmed; span 1 and 2 have all 24 programmed, and span 4 isn’t used.

Here is the copy from the screen:
root@pbx:~ $ cat /proc/dahdi/*
Span 1: TE4/0/1 “T4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 1” (MASTER) ESF/B8ZS ClockSource
CRC4 error count: 773
E-bit error count: 774
Timing slips: 2

       1 TE4/0/1/1 Clear (In use)
       2 TE4/0/1/2 Clear (In use)
       3 TE4/0/1/3 Clear (In use)
       4 TE4/0/1/4 Clear (In use)
       5 TE4/0/1/5 Clear (In use)
       6 TE4/0/1/6 Clear (In use)
       7 TE4/0/1/7 Clear (In use)
       8 TE4/0/1/8 Clear (In use)
       9 TE4/0/1/9 Clear (In use)
      10 TE4/0/1/10 Clear (In use)
      11 TE4/0/1/11 Clear (In use)
      12 TE4/0/1/12 Clear (In use)
      13 TE4/0/1/13 Clear (In use)
      14 TE4/0/1/14 Clear (In use)
      15 TE4/0/1/15 Clear (In use)
      16 TE4/0/1/16 Clear (In use)
      17 TE4/0/1/17 Clear (In use)
      18 TE4/0/1/18 Clear (In use)
      19 TE4/0/1/19 Clear (In use)
      20 TE4/0/1/20 Clear (In use)
      21 TE4/0/1/21 Clear (In use)
      22 TE4/0/1/22 Clear (In use)
      23 TE4/0/1/23 Clear (In use)
      24 TE4/0/1/24 HDLCFCS

Span 2: TE4/0/2 “T4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 2” ESF/B8ZS
Timing slips: 2

      25 TE4/0/2/1 Clear (In use)
      26 TE4/0/2/2 Clear (In use)
      27 TE4/0/2/3 Clear (In use)
      28 TE4/0/2/4 Clear (In use)
      29 TE4/0/2/5 Clear (In use)
      30 TE4/0/2/6 Clear (In use)
      31 TE4/0/2/7 Clear (In use)
      32 TE4/0/2/8 Clear (In use)
      33 TE4/0/2/9 Clear (In use)
      34 TE4/0/2/10 Clear (In use)
      35 TE4/0/2/11 Clear (In use)
      36 TE4/0/2/12 Clear (In use)
      37 TE4/0/2/13 Clear (In use)
      38 TE4/0/2/14 Clear (In use)
      39 TE4/0/2/15 Clear (In use)
      40 TE4/0/2/16 Clear (In use)
      41 TE4/0/2/17 Clear (In use)
      42 TE4/0/2/18 Clear (In use)
      43 TE4/0/2/19 Clear (In use)
      44 TE4/0/2/20 Clear (In use)
      45 TE4/0/2/21 Clear (In use)
      46 TE4/0/2/22 Clear (In use)
      47 TE4/0/2/23 Clear (In use)
      48 TE4/0/2/24 HDLCFCS

Span 3: TE4/0/3 “T4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 3” ESF/B8ZS
Timing slips: 2

      49 TE4/0/3/1 FXSKS (In use)
      50 TE4/0/3/2
      51 TE4/0/3/3
      52 TE4/0/3/4
      53 TE4/0/3/5
      54 TE4/0/3/6
      55 TE4/0/3/7
      56 TE4/0/3/8
      57 TE4/0/3/9
      58 TE4/0/3/10
      59 TE4/0/3/11
      60 TE4/0/3/12
      61 TE4/0/3/13
      62 TE4/0/3/14
      63 TE4/0/3/15
      64 TE4/0/3/16
      65 TE4/0/3/17
      66 TE4/0/3/18
      67 TE4/0/3/19
      68 TE4/0/3/20
      69 TE4/0/3/21
      70 TE4/0/3/22
      71 TE4/0/3/23
      72 TE4/0/3/24

Span 4: TE4/0/4 “T4XXP (PCI) Card 0 Span 4” RED

      73 TE4/0/4/1 RED
      74 TE4/0/4/2 RED
      75 TE4/0/4/3 RED
      76 TE4/0/4/4 RED
      77 TE4/0/4/5 RED
      78 TE4/0/4/6 RED
      79 TE4/0/4/7 RED
      80 TE4/0/4/8 RED
      81 TE4/0/4/9 RED
      82 TE4/0/4/10 RED
      83 TE4/0/4/11 RED
      84 TE4/0/4/12 RED
      85 TE4/0/4/13 RED
      86 TE4/0/4/14 RED
      87 TE4/0/4/15 RED
      88 TE4/0/4/16 RED
      89 TE4/0/4/17 RED
      90 TE4/0/4/18 RED
      91 TE4/0/4/19 RED
      92 TE4/0/4/20 RED
      93 TE4/0/4/21 RED
      94 TE4/0/4/22 RED
      95 TE4/0/4/23 RED
      96 TE4/0/4/24 RED

root@pbx:~ $

If you would like to use the paid support option I can log in and take a look.

Short if that:

Go in to the Asterisk CLI and run:

module unload
module load

Then look at /var/log/asterisk/full .

See if anything in the last 20 or so lines jumps out.