Using Panasonic KX-NS700 to make external call

I have a freePBX system connected to a NS700, i want to make external call using the NS700, the admin of the panasonic give me the NS700 sip proxy, 4 extensions with 4 username and 4 password (per exemple extension 1200 with username 1200 and password hello2100).
I already read many subject in this forum, but that did not work.
What i need to make the external call?
Thank you

Does FreePBX show your trunk as registered ok? If not, post your trunk settings and what appears in the Asterisk log when it attempts to register.

If it’s registered ok, can you call another extension on the NS700? If not, post a log of an attempted call.

If you can call another extension but not externally, post a log of an attempted external call.

It’s finally work :slight_smile:
Creating pjsip trunk for each extension.
Creating outbound routes and add in the match route the pjsip trunks

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