Using outbound route of another PBX, connected through IAX


I have connected 2 FreePBX servers through IAX trunk. Communication between both servers works fine. My requirement is this that if I’m dialing (External call) from any server and all lines are busy then call should be established through second server. Is there any possibility to get this functionality?


Yep! Easy too!
Assuming each of your PBX’s has an external trunk already configured, all you have to do is go to your outbound route that your PBX would use as to make an external call, ad in “Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes” point it to the IAX trunk to your opposite PBX.

If PBX#1 goes to make an external call, and that trunk is full, its going to send the call to the next trunk in this sequence, which will be “PBX#2”. The call is sent to PBX#2 (and assuming your dial pattern matches) PBX#2 will send the all out its external trunk. And vice versa.

Yes! if both PBX servers have external trunks and I have tried the same. If trunk of PBX1 is busy then call goes to the IVR of PBX2. I don’t know how can I make a configuration to use external trunk of opposite PBX.

It depends on the context you are using for your IAX trunk. If you are using from-internal, inbound calls over the IAX trunk will be treated exactly as if you dialed them from a local extension, meaning they will go out an outbound route if there is a pattern match.

yeah I think this is the mistake I’m doing. Currently I’m using “context=from-trunk”. So on both sides should I use from-internal ?

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