Using Outbound Route in Dynamic Route

I have a call that as soon as it comes in it is evaluated by a dynamic route (works). It is looking if the dnid exists as an extension on this server. If it is, it goes to the extension, if not, I want it to route out via an outbound route. The reason I want to use an outbound route instead of a trunk is so other people can change it on the fly (the outbound route trunks), in the GUI.

I found my outbound route [outrt-4] and thought I could make a custom destination that goes to
outrt-4,s,1. Then I could plug that destination into my custom destination.

It is not working because (I think) there is no s route in this context. There is only outrt-4,_NXXXXXXXXX,1.

How do I call this in the custom destination? Can I use outrt-4,{CALLERID(dnid)},1 as the target in the custom destination? Any ideas?

The s here would be the number you want to dial out. What number do you want the call to be forwarded to?

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It works with outrt-4,{CALLERID(dnid)},1. I had to turn on the P-header on the trunk and that got us going.

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You should also use the channel var ${FROM_DID} in place of the s.

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