Using OrderlyQ along with FreePBX and asterix


As it stands our company’s managers have grown interested in some software called OrderlyQ, specifically OrderlyStats, as a means of collecting statictical data on our calls rather than lean on our development guys to generate the reports.

Has anyone made use of this program before? And if so what sort of trouble did you encounter getting it to play nicely with FreePBX since, reading through the user manuel for it thus far, it would appear that it assumes that we only have asterix and nothing else.

Thank you very much in advance.

Their site says it may work with FreePBX, however it's not a currently supported application by the Project, and I'm not aware of them working directly with our community or developers. We generally will only recommend software partners that are active in this community, this provides the best experience for your end users. Have you looked at QXact Reports Module for FreePBX?

WIKI LINK for QXact Reports