Using one call flow toggle (DAY/NIGHT) for two separate inbound routes?

Is it possible to do this? Use one as normal in the GUI and then for the second route, reference the first one in a extensions_custom dialplan somehow, sort of like this??

GotoIf($["${DB(DAYNIGHT/C${EXTEN})}" = "NIGHT"]?ivr-1,s,1:from-internal,${destination},1)

Really don’t know if this is possible because I can see in my example above the specific day/night toggle isn’t specified and I don’t know how I’d go about doing that…

Dialplan code is not needed.

In Advanced settings, set Hook Time Conditions Module to Yes.

Set up a dummy Time Condition (no Time Groups) for each Inbound Route but select the appropriate Call Flow Toggle association.


Thanks - sounds good but I must admit I’m confused about the implications of what turning this setting on will do - I already have some call flows setup, will flicking the setting to true affect these? Thanks

Turning on Hook Time Conditions merely enables a feature – existing flow controls and time conditions are unaffected. But now each Time Condition (new or existing) will have an option to be overridden by a Flow Control.

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